How To Increase Sex Power

How To Increase Sex Power In An Hour

How To Increase Sex Power In An Hour | Adult World | Sex Videos | Injibs Cosmets This sex power video will not only teach you how to increase sex power in an hour but also how to increase sex power in man without medicine

How To Increase Your Sex Power

Many People especially men above their 30s are struggling to increase their sex power which usually leads them to opt for addictive substances like drugs and many more, just to give them that extra kick.

Good news is that in order to know how to increase your sex power, there are natural and effective ways to do just that, without leaving you with any harmful side effects. So let's dive into this article and discover how to increase your sex power in no time and permanently.

I have several tips and foods that can help you to increase your sex power and these tips include natural Viagra so I will tell you exactly what to do to achieve this powerful mixture all by yourself.


1 Watermelon

4L Mineral Water

6 Lemons

Steel Pot


Before you jump into your kitchen, go to a store and buy a big watermelon, 6 lemons and 4L mineral water. Get into your kitchen and take a big pot, chop the water melon without the covers and fill it into the pot.

Add the mineral water to the full and boil it for hours until the water evaporates, leaving only the water melon juice. Take the lemons and squeez them into the boiled watermellon and boil for another hour.

Take the pot off the stove and let the mixture cool down, sieve it out and store in a glass jar or bottle. Take a tab an hour before you have sex and you can also use it regularly every morning.

What does the watermelon and lemon do to your body?

Watermelon increases blood circulation as well as blood formation. The lemon added to it is filled with vitamin c and what it does is that it adds oxygen into the blood which carries the blood effectively as well as thinning the blood.

Without vit C the wounds on your skin and body will never heal, so that is one of the reasons vitamin c is vital in the body. In order to increase sex power, blood flow has to be good and in order to prevent low testosterone as well as hair loss, blood needs to be increased and this is where the foods like watermelon step in. Hair Thinning And

Sex Hair thinning is one of the sign that your libido is declining and what happens is that due to not having enough blood, the body manages the little blood you have and takes care of the more vital organs like the heart, liver, kidney, lungs etc., leaving the less important ones like hair and reproductive organs.

Eating foods that are filled with carrotenoid are good for skin, hair and blood as well as many other areas of the body. Mental Health Sex drive also have everything to do with your mental well being and that is why when you are stressed out, it is impossible to arouse in order to have sex.

The information that you take in and this includes movies, scenes, news, chats, songs and many others, can lead to your low sex power. Pornography has a way of affecting your relationship especially for the married couples.

The people you surround yourself with can determine what information your brain will consume and this can easily affect you sex power. Together the Diet, the thought or addiction as well as the age can either low your sex drive or increase it so watch out how you live your daily life.