Sex Education

Sex Education

Have you ever imagined how life would have been without sex?

Well, nature has to take its course and when whenever the word SEX education is mentioned in the society, a number of people get offended since it has always been a taboo to discuss such personal topics in public.

The youth is going astray due to lack of communication regarding sex education and this has led them to issues like early pregnancy, STD infections, Rape, Lack of communication in relationships, sex trafficking, sex slaves, Domestic violence and many more.

Failing to deal with these issues that involve sex education from the root usually leads to people committing suicide and also becoming bullies, damaging more and more souls simply because of failing to understand exactly the true meaning of SEX in all aspects of life and this is why we need sex education.

Sex Education | Everything You Need To Know About Sexuality

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Types Of Sex

Sex is divided into many types and these include Oral sex, verbal sex, sexting, body language, anal sex, visual sex, phone sex, mono sex, group sex, finger sex, toy sex, psychological sex and many more as this sex education article will explain.

Sexual Abuse

Many people get sexually abused in relationships, in public places, workplaces as well as schools, without having any idea that what is being done to them is molestation and abuse. Sex trafficking as well as sex slavery is trending out there simply due to the society failing to teach the youth how to watch out for these perverts and to know the exact tactics they normally use to trap innocent girls into these filthy unspeakable activities.

Girls are desperate for money, fame and popularity, which leads them into falling into the hands of these hungry lions, promising them all kinds of lies, telling them what they want to hear in order have them walk themselves straight into these glamorous cages.

Sex education is very important both for the youth as well as the seniors to understand exactly how these perverts use mind power and physiology in order to trap these poor innocent and naive young girls into doing what is against their will.

5 Types Of Sex Women Enjoy

We’ve all heard the saying: “Sex is like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” While clever — and certainly true of pizza — it’s safe to assume this adage was first uttered by a man. After all, with 85% reportedly reaching orgasm during sexual encounters, it makes sense men would have such an optimistic view of sex.

Whether it’s Chicago-style, Brooklyn-style or doggy style — if women are serving it, men are probably enjoying it. While satisfaction is guaranteed for most men, just remember that your taste buds aren’t the only ones in the bedroom. You’ve got another person to please, and pushing her buttons isn’t as easy as ordering your favorite slice.

The fact is, women have a more discerning palate when it comes to sex, and you’ll find that each woman differs in what really gets her juices flowing. Luckily, there are certain things the majority of women crave in the bedroom. We want to feel desired. We want to feel appreciated. And most of all, we want to feel like our pleasure is a priority.

So while you’re serving up your greatest hits on a day-to-day basis, chances are, her needs often go unmet. If you know that you’re going to enjoy what goes on in the bedroom regardless, why not mix in a few moves that cater to her refined sexual tastes? Here are 5 types of sex that are sure to satisfy her carnal cravings…

1. Spontaneous Sex

Remember, women love to feel sexually wanted and desired by their partners — and nothing says desire like spur-of-the-moment sex on the living room stairs. Unplanned, spontaneous love-making increases the lust factor by showing your partner that your attraction for her trumps everything else.

Turn her on by telling her you need to have her right there and then, no matter the time or the place. And depending where you decide to drop trou and get busy, the possibility of getting caught can also bring added excitement. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that having sex in public is one of the top fantasies among women — we fantasize about it even more than men do.

2. Hotel Sex

What’s not to love about hotel sex? There’s the thrill of anonymity, the hint of luxury, and the novelty of doing the deed in an unfamiliar location. Whether you’re booking a weekend getaway or grabbing a quick room for some afternoon delight, the change of scenery makes even the most vanilla sex feel like a special occasion.

The fresh sheets, room service and the fact that someone else cleans up after you speaks to our need to feel appreciated and pampered. Plus, when you’re doing it in the privacy of a hotel room, you can leave all the stress of your home, your pets, and your kids at the door — right next to that Do Not Disturb sign.

3. Rough Sex

 Men are raised to never lay a hand on a woman, which is a good rule overall… Unless the one thing she really wants is for you to play rough in bed. Most women, every now and then, want to be sexually dominated by their partner. It appeals (once again) to our need to be sexually desired — so desired he can’t help but ravish us (with our permission, of course). Engaging in a little power play can be a fun and exhilarating way to explore kink in the bedroom.

First and foremost, make sure she wants to play rough, and outline boundaries to ensure that you both feel safe. Then, pull a little hair, do a little spanking, and even bust out the blindfold and handcuffs if you’re feeling adventurous. Revel in the pure lust this type of sex is driven by, indulge in animalistic passion, and go ahead...get a little loud.

4. Sensual Sex

This the type of sex that most men already assume women want. Candles, a relaxing bubble bath, full body massage, jazz saxophone playing mood music in the background — it’s the stuff of a Danielle Steele novel. Start by clearing both your schedules, set a sexy environment, and let her know you’ve got all night to focus on her pleasure. Shut off your cell phones, turn off the TV, and anything else that will distract you from reaching new levels of intimacy with your lady.

Remember that foreplay is the bread and butter when engaging in a night of sensual sex. So take your time, go slowly, and explore all of the erogenous zones on her body that so often go neglected in the bedroom. Be passionate and engaged, and don’t be afraid to tease her a little — trust me, she’ll love it.

5. Oral Sex

 If sex is like pizza, then oral sex is like ice cream: super satisfying when it’s right, but a wet, disappointing mess when served poorly. And believe it or not, according to recent studies, men are still, STILL not going down on their partners as much as women would like. Even if you are one of those wonderful guys that goes down on a regular basis, how do you know you’re doing it right? Are you using it as just a warmup for intercourse, or are you really taking your time to be the best you can be down under? Pick a position that’s comfortable for both of you and set up camp — rushing this process is one of the biggest mistakes that men make in bed. Take your time to give attention to all of her sensitive areas surrounding the clitoris (just because it’s the star of the show doesn’t mean you should tackle it in the first 30 seconds).

When you finally do make contact with the clitoris, go slowly, build anticipation and pay attention to how she responds. Experiment with different pressure and patterns, and don’t be afraid to use your hands to amplify her experience. Oral sex is all about investing time and effort into just one thing: your partner’s pleasure. Show her you appreciate her and care about her orgasm just as much as your own.

Every once in awhile, it’s even nice to make oral sex the ONLY thing on the bedroom menu… So next time you’re feeling frisky and getting ready for sex, remember there’s a variety of different styles of sex that will not only satisfy you, but will also appeal to what she wants. So go forth and show her that you know exactly how to turn her on, pique her pleasure, and keep her coming back for more.

STDs Infections

 Sex education is required due to the infections that could be contracted through unprotected sex. Not only should the youth be worried about unwanted pregnancy, but also there are deadly diseases like HIV and AIDS, Gonoria, Vaginal Disease, Vaginal

Yeast Infections and many more, which could easily be fatal. Using protection like CONDOMS or abstinence is a good way to prevent these STDs but what most people don't know is that you could easily catch them not only by inserting a penis into a vagina, but through many other ways like kissing, blowjobs etc.

Most of these STDs are found in blood and by exchanging it through bruising your lips from kissing, bleeding gums after brushing teeth or due to other infections, could easily transfer the virus from one person to the other. Sex Education teaches you how to also look out for the signs that someone is already infected and by knowing this, you are able to protect yourself by not accepting the recipients advances no matter how tempting they may seem or appear.


 I will not be able to provide you with all the sex education in this article, but I advice that you dive into all my YouTube videos on this page and make sure you watch them to the end for all the information you need regarding sex education.

Hope you enjoy learning what will not only rebirth you into a brand new healthy lifestyle, but also train you how to empower and equip the generations to come for a better way of living as well as save broken relationships to restore the domestic administration required to raise our open minded youth.