Styles Ater Braids Care

Styles After Braids

Box braids can be a disaster when it comes to hairstyles after taking out braids but also this is determined by how to remove knots from hair after braids whether be it godess box braids, small box braids, medium box braids or even short box braids.

Some hairstyles after taking out braids could be easy expecially if you go for knotless braids or even protective styles with extensions. Jumbo box braids are very good and simple protective hairstyles for relaxed hair but also this depends on how long you leave braids in.

Many people wonder when it comes to styles after braids about the best hair for braiding natural hair which can easily end up being the hairstyles that last 3 months and to be knotless braids at the same time. 

The worst thing you can do is relaxing hair after removing braids without removing those dirt balls after braids. Your first precaution is to detangle matted hair after box braids otherwise you won't know what to do after taking out braids if you don't take time to know how to remove dirt buildup  from braids.

Youtube and Google has hair detangling hacks on how to get knots out of hair that is matted as well as how to remove dandruff from braids because this is what usually causes this acute hair matting. You will also see below the how to get knots out of hair home remedies that will help you to detangle matted hair after removing braids easily.

After Braids Care

Here are a few tips on styles After Braids Care that you would want to know about in order to save your hair from breaking away. This styles after braids hair care routine will help moisturize your hair as well as treating that irritated scalp in order to yield even thicker strands of hair. In this video you will learn how to take care of your hair after braids.


Hair can easily become fragile especially if it does not get enough treatment after removing box braids and this strictly requires you to get all tips as possible about how to take care of hair after box braids. Usually styles after braids natural hair tends to be dry since it has been tied away for a while without being free enough to get the moisture that it needs.


This is the main reason why hair care after box braids is needed to avoid losing hair that you are trying to grow in the first place. Some people assume that this depends on the types of braids that you are wearing but the fact is that you still need the hair care after crochet braids in case they are the type of braids you have.


When it come to the natural hair care styles after braids, you desperately have to follow my YouTube videos in order to get ideas of how to care for hair after removing braids.

4 Easy Tips (Styles After Braids Care)

I love wearing braids to protect my hair. Mostly, I wear them during the summer or winter when it is getting cold outside. Protective styling is a great way to retain length by putting less stress on your hair strands and to allow your Frolicious curls to rest.

However, do you know what to do after removing braids?

Here are 4 easy tips you should try to care for your natural hair after taking down your braids. Before you install the braids make sure to develop a healthy hair routine, where you regularly condition your hair with natural oils or products that increase hair retention and moisture.

Once your hair is in a healthy state you can go ahead and braid your hair. How To Take Care For Your Hair After Removing Braids Taking down box braids after wearing them for 4-6 weeks can take a while to complete. I usually ask my boyfriend to help me. Here is how my aftercare routine looks like to help you out.

1. Finger Detangle

Don’t brush Take your time and make sure you gently finger detangle your hair while removing each braid. Don’t use a brush to get rid of the knots and shed hair. Finger combing means to separate your hair carefully in groups. Start detangling your hair from the ends and work your way up to the roots.

2. Wash Your Hair

Use a sulfate free clarifying shampoo to clean your scalp after removing braids. As your hair can be super oily or greasy. A clarifying shampoo will wash out any scalp buildup from the styling products you have used during the time. Here are some of my favorite clarifying shampoos.


3. Deep Condition Your Hair

 After taking down braids and clarifying your hair you need to apply a great deep conditioner. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Here are some deep conditioners I would recommend you to try. 

4. Trim Your Hair

Get rid of damaged hair and give yourself a proper trim after removing braids. You can do it by yourself or let a professional hairdresser do it. Trimming is an important part of healthy natural hair growth.

Don’t worry your hair will grow back. I would recommend to leave your hair alone for at least two weeks before reinstalling a new protective style like box braids, cornrows or something else.

While a lot of you have gained great results from protecting their hair, others have achieved damaging results. Why?

Watch my youtube videos. When Protective Hairstyles Are Not Protective. What Do You Do To Care For Your Hair After Removing Braids?