Magda Kleyn - Tehillah Community Collaborative

196 - 16th Avenue, Leonsdale, Elsies River, Western Cape. +27 21 933 0990 - +27 72 302 9638 -

Sister Magda Kleyn Is the CEO and founder of Tehillah Community Collaborative, she is a 60 year old and single  by choice.

Sister Magda Kleyn came through two divorces with six children, from Leonsdale Elsies River, born and bred there. Sister Magda Kleyn came from a very poor family and this is what inspired her to start Tehillah Community Collaboration in order to plough back into her community.

Sister Magda Kleyn started tehillah back in June 1996 after the "needs analysist" and foun out that there were for main needs in the community.

These community needs that Sister Magda Kleyn Discovered were firstly the Social Service need which is the social fabric and because of that the community has always been falling apart. Health Claster including TB, HIV and AIDS, burden of diseases like diabetes and hipertention. Youth and Arts and Culture.