Cretch - Tehillah Community Collaborative

Tehillah Community Collaborative runs a cretch that takes children from 10 days old up to 4-5 and a half years old. Their main focus is the children who receive grants. Tehillah is the only drug rehabilitation that takes a mother with her child because they don't want social workers to separate them.

Tehillah Community Collaborative Cretch is the cheapest cretch in the whole world because they charge only R80 for the mobile and for the children who wear pampers it's R100.

The cretch looks after the children, making sure that everything from medication, food stationery etc, is all taken care of. Tehillah Community Collaborative grows their own vegetables in the garden to support the children in the cretch, meeting their daily nutrition needs.

It is very difficult to get funds from the government for reasons that I'm not sure of. At the moment our main funds come from social responsibility of business men. Tehillah Community Collaborative gets funds from the health department for their home base care but their cretch stands by itself through provision from FNB and PnP farm stores in Parow.