Social Services - Tehillah Community Collaborative

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Tehillah means highest praise to the Lord and with his annointing on us, we are able to deal with problems of our clients accumulated from childhood.

Most of our clients come with baggage from their childhood and the success is 98% because we walk an extra mile with them.  We believe in not taking a white cloth out of the mad, wash it and put it back again into the mad. That is the reason why we work intensively with the families.

Tehillah Future Children
We take children from 10 days old up to 4-5 and a half years old. Our main focus is the children who receive grants. Tehillah is the only drug rehabilitation that takes a mother with her child because they don't want social workers to separate them.

A mother might stay in a rehabilitation for months but after she becomes sober, she starts asking about her child. She will always have access to her child with immediate effect because the child would be with is at the cretch.

They are then transferred to the Tehillah shelter in the center in order to take care of both the mother and the child.
The help that supports such a patient comes from the department of agriculture.

We grow our own vegetables in the garden to support the children in the cretch as well as the HIV patients and the rehabilitation at the same time.