Health - Tehillah Community Collaborative

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When a client comes to Tehillah Community Collaborative, they do assessment to see and test what type of drugs they are on. They then take the client to the nearest doctor within 48 hours, working in collaboration with the day care health centre in Elsies River.

The main drugs that Tehillah Community Collaborative usually struggles with is tick, weed and heroin, which is the biggest problem that most of their clients get hooked on.

Tehillah Community Collaborative runs youth development outreach programmes where the youth are actively involved in combatting crime, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, HIV and AIDS awareness.

Tehillah Community Collaborative distributes food parcels and runs a daily soup kitchen for people living with HIV. They provide home-based care services for sick people where they bathe them, cook and clean for them and ensure that they adhere to their treatment regimens.

Tehillah Community Collaborative's monthly TB, HIV and AIDS support group hosts various events to interact with one another. A weekly support group is also held for the youth, as well as HIV and AIDS, substance abuse and victim empowerment workshops.