Juicing Beet Root

Beet Root Juice

Beetroot is one of the healthiest foods filled with nutrients and packed with almost all of the vitamins that one needs a day. Beetroot leaves were mostly used in the early centuries before the roots were eventually discovered to have almost the same nutritional value as well.

The most effective way to draw nutrition from beetroot effectively is to consume them raw. Juicing them is even a better option only that the juice tends to go off after 48 hours in refrigerator, 12 hours standing on counter depending on the room temperature.

I would strictly advice not to add sweeteners as they tend to turn the beetroot juice thicker and slimy after a few hours, whether refrigerated, frozen or on the counter. Many people have wondered why their beetroot juice turns slimy but with experience of juicing fruits and vegetables, i found sweeteners having an effect on carrotenoid juices.

Wash the beetroots thoroughly before juicing them to avoid consumption of pesticides and other farming chemicals that could cause severe infections to your system.

Wash your juicer every after you finish using as the left behind can easily go off, causing contamination to the rest of the fresh juice that is made.

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