Hobbies Of Israel - Israel Musaasizi Biography

The hobbies of Israel Musaasizi have quite been changing from time t time since his childhood. They say we usually change as time goes by in particular every after a period of seven year, which Israel's life is the exact proof of that.

As a child under the age of 7, Israel was into hand work and craft, where they used to take lessons once every week at his primary school level. Several activities were involved like knitting jerseys, crutching, stitching clothes, building toys lie cars, balls, twisting and braiding ropes for skipping, etc, painting, and many more as it suited the class teacher.

Israel was so occupied by handwork that he basically had no time to fool around as naughty children do. Israel engaged in activities like playing soccer, gymnastic, long jump and running, but he didn't really find it fun because this was hard work compared to the handwork.

After the age of seven, Israel Musaasizi discovered that he had a singing and drama talent which he straight away joined the singing groups at school. Israel was so focused at what he did that whichever group he joined was able to win competitions and awarded as far as music was concerned.

Together with singing, Israel kept practicing his hand work but this time he shifted the skill of twisting and braiding ropes for skipping to trying it on his Aunt’s hair. This was when braiding hair with extensions was introduced and whoever that had the skill from the ropes, could easily do it on hair.

Israel Musaasizi joined cathedral mass choirs after he turned 13years old, where met different kind of people and exposed to a different mentality. On the other hand Israel became skilled in hair braiding to a point where he made pocket money from the hobby.

As time went by technology was accessible and Israel got so hooked on gadgets, where he kept himself busy with play stations and video games in his adolescence age. In his teens Israel migrated and some of his hobbies especially the singing had to be altered, where he focused more on to earning an income with the braiding hobby.

As a Full adult, Israel Musaasizi find joy and peace in creating solutions for people who have challenges in life. Israel Took his braiding hobby to the next level by inventing hair creams that treat scalp disorders, grow back damaged hair, etc. With all the experience concerning hair that Israel has from the age of 6, he owns a top brand hair product in the whole world that does what no other product could do and that is recovering damaged hairline in a few weeks.

To Israel all this work that he does, he finds it a hobby and he goes on saying that at work is where we spend most of our lives than at home. People should earn a living from what they enjoy doing because if you are miserable at work, your whole life will end up a struggle.

Israel spends his time putting smiles on people's faces. He finds no pleasure in satisfying himself anymore because if others are unhappy out there, this same attitude is likely to become contagious back to him.