Professional Israel - Starting Business - Israel Musaasizi Biography

Working for somebody is one thing but running a business is another. When you have a boss you don't worry about anything like paying rent, rates and many other bills. Though at the cosmetic store Israel worked on commission which seemed like they were their own bosses, but they still didn't care how the bills were being taken care of. "Yes I really miss that place sometimes" says Israel. Especially when things started not going as expected with the new business, he almost regretted his choice of going out there to face the business world.

The professional Israel left with a less amount of capital than expected, which he had saved during the season of Christmas and end of the year. That season was when they got to make some real cash and if one missed it, things would be tough during January and February, or let's say up until the Easter season which wasn't as big as Christmas.

Israel lived in Woodstock in a studio and what he decided was to convert one side to a salon and my living area on the opposite side. Clients are actually so loyal that they didn't mind how the place looked like, as long as they received a good service and trust me for once, that's one thing he was good at.

Same old plan he used with the first salon back in Uganda. One client buys a blow drier, the other one buys this and that, eventually in four months he ends up having a big drier with no rent arrears. Isn't that so cool? I mean people plan on getting loans or even sell what they have, yet Israel strongly believed that capital was the wisdom or mindset. As long as you think positive, then positive is what you will attract your way.