Jobs For Israel - First Job - Israel Musaasizi Biography

In the year 2001, Israel was hired at his first job in his life at some Cosmetics store in the Golden Acre in Cape Town. Having gone to that store several times to buy hair extensions for clients at the Ugandan Ladies salon, the store boss’ wife who worked at the counter, was so curious about where this young man took extensions every now and then. Having approached him with curiousity, He offered him a job due to the kind of experience he had at such a young age for a boy.

The well known store has a few chain of salons as well. At that time they had only one salon and it was the talk of the town, well up to this day and stylists worked so hard as well as paid so well. A day they could knock off with a thousand bucks, bad days R200 which was a lot of money back then. The store collected stylists from all over Africa. Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Congo, Angola, Senegal, oh yea there was this other guy from Gabon, Rwanda, as well as South Africa. The stylists were extremely good at what they did that the cosmetic store appeared on breakfast shows on TV.

Israel reached the point where he felt like there were much more out there for him. In November 2004, he took a huge step and resigned having no idea how and where to begin, but all he knew was that starting a salon doesn't necessarily need a huge amount of cash but wisdom. Everyone thought he actually wouldn't make it due to the first challenges out there as well as being on a foreign land, but deep inside his heart told him that it was the right time and thing to do.