Education Of Israel - Israel Musaasizi Biography

Isarel completed his primary level in shchool but due to environmental circumstances, couldn't complete the secondary or high level. Facing the world, Israel had to sustain himself and therefore, In the year 2000 he migrated to South Africa and settled in the city of Cape Town where he went as far as aquiring several diplomas and certificates in various caurses. He continued studying at the same time earning a living through the hair styling hobby. In 2007 he had alot going on including hair styling, hair product manufacturing, IT technician, web designer, office administration and later writing books.

Hair styling has always been Israel's talent from the age of seven, taught by my sister in law who always asked him to do thick braids with her hair after a long day. She had this thick natural hair  which was difficult to maintain and comb the following morning unless it was plaited the previous night. his every night practice conceived something inside of him which led him to develop interest and with time it became a talent. A talent that he never knew he would build a carrier out of, but it honestly paid off in the end.

Israel started by doing kids’ hair at the neighbourhood just for the fun of it, and eventually he became famous around the block. Mothers were pushing their kids to go and play with Israel just knowing that their hair would end up being done. He became good with hair that even at school by the age of ten; his detention would be doing the teachers’ hair. Wasn’t that so cool? I mean he never made them believe that he had fun doing it but yes, doing hair saved him from other punishments.

He became so obsessed that it caused him to drop out of school. Well, he started skipping classes just to go to town and make himself some pocket money. It felt so good owning a couple of change in his pocket, affording all the little basics a teenager longs for. He was well disciplined though, never got involved in any crime or addiction, but very private at the same time until this day.