Background Of Israel - Israel Musaasizi Biography

Being a six months old infant, under the care of his beloved mother who was abandoned with eleven other older children by a husband, it was really tough for her. Israel was raised in Kenya but travelling in and out of the country with one of his elder brothers, whom their mother gave custody to raise him from the age of six months.

Israel is the last born of twelve by the same parents and from the stories that he  heard, their father was a very responsible man of one wife. Well, though later he met someone whom  seemed like he found the love of his life. It's not like he never loved their mother, but having married in their teens through arrangement, it is strongly believed that their father was not mature enough to settle down and to truly understand what love was.

Israel's elder brother took over and raised a very responsible young man who learnt to be independent and creative at the same time. his brother got married, the wife moved in, but surely they had some kind of arrangement concerning this little baby who needs to be raised. She raised Israel well even though there were some ups and downs which he didn't get much into details, but she did a good job and may her soul rest in peace.