Hairline Damage

Wearing Wigs and Hair Loss

Wigs are a very  good way to get ready for stepping out oof your dressing room in just a few minutes looking stunning and ready that presentation. But when, how and where you actually have to apply that wig is what matters the most.

Wigs shouldn't be seen as an enemy of hair growing progress, but before one thinks of getting that wig, has to be well informed on how and when to wear it.

Wigs are emore like head scalfs and dukies, whereby they have no stability on the  head but to be tied tight around the hairline. The sweat produced during the heat sits around the hairline causing the hair to break due to the salt in the sweat.

Lace wigs on the othe hand can be a reason due to the acidic glue use to stick it around the hairline. During the removal of that glue usually plucks out the roots of the hairline, causing hair not to grow easily around that particular area.


Avoid glue and limit the wearing wigs, apply a good hairline moisturizer like the Injibs Hairline Restorer (hairfood) and keep the hairline steamed regularly until hairline grows back .

Do not stress about your hairline, it will easily grow back with the right treatments and moisturizers.