Elegant Head Lovers Salon

Visit: 12B Adderley Street, Next to Telecom, Cape Town, Western Cape. Call: 021 418 2660

Elegant Head Lovers is a full-service hair and beauty salon dedicated to changing your look and feel to great!

The Elegant Head Lovers Salon has been in busines for years, making sure that their customers are very well taken care of in terms of beauty and self esteem is concerned. A very wide clientelle is indeed happy with the salon's service and it is because of that why customers stay happy always.

Elegant Head Lovers Salon is designed to relax whichever mood that anyone receiving a service has and that is why the management makes it their first priority to eep each and every customer satisfied as well as the stylists. Clents at times can make life difficult for whoever that gives the service, but with the Elegant Head Lovers Salon, the love and care rendered to clients leaves the moody customer with no comments.

For women who are looking for somewhere to get their hair well designed by professionals and get their nails as well the rest that goes in hand with, Elegant Head Lovers Salon is the best corner and it will always be worth every cent.

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