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The primary symptoms of cholera:

👉🏾Profuse diarrhea sometimes called “rice water stools”
👉🏾Abdominal pain
👉🏾Leg cramps
👉🏾Rapid pulse
👉🏾Unusual sleepiness
👉🏾Excessive thirst, lack of tears, and low urine output

These symptoms start suddenly, usually one to five days after infection, and are the result of a toxin produced by the vibrio cholerae bacterium that compels profuse amounts of fluid from the blood supply into the small and large intestines.

An untreated cholera patient may produce several gallons of diarrhoeal fluid a day. Due to this rapid loss of fluids, severe dehydration and shock can occur in these individuals. Shock occurs due to collapse of the circulatory system and if the fluid is not replaced, the patient may die within several hours.