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Once the bacteria is ingested on eating contaminated food or water, it has to survive the journey through the digestive tract.
Around two thirds of the bacteria ingested can survive the strong acid that is produced by the lining of the stomach walls.

Once these bacteria pass into the small intestine, they begin to produce long tail-like structures called flagella that help them propagate and move through intestinal mucus until they reach the intestinal walls.
On reaching the intestinal walls, the bacteria produce finger like projections called frimbriae or pili on their surface which they use to hold on to the intestinal walls.

Here, the bacteria start to produce the toxic proteins that cause the watery diarrhea and this acts as a vessel for carrying out new multiplying bacteria into the external environment where it may be ingested by another host. Symptoms of cholera may begin within as little as 2 hours after infection or as much as 5 days afterwards.

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