Is the water crisis in the major International city this bad or it is an exaguration?

Water Crisis Cape Town

 Is the water crisis in the major International city this bad or it is an exaggeration?

 Indeed the truth is that Cape Town is facing water shortage at the moment though news reporters seem to be turning this into hot selling news. Just like any other countries including the developed ones, they have their difficulties that they face which could involve finance; the same applies to Cape Town which happens to be water shortage.

The best encouraging action that has taken place is that society has tried to work together with those in charge by disabling water features, watering plants with clean water as well as catching grey water to flush toilets and for gardens. To me that is an act of responsibility which shows that the problems is tackled sooner than later.

Water has always been going to waste without the responsibility of sparing it just for the major usage of it. I must say how society is treating water with respect, is exactly how life should be on a daily basis. Meaning until there is completely no water running in taps, Cape Town is doing all it can to see that it doesn't come t that.

Good news is that winter is here and rain seems to be falling on a daily basis. Let the news reporter also report on the positive other than exaggerating that that makes sales. Cape Town is doing just fine and because of its tourism attraction, it is bound to attract all those who are watching waiting to see what is there to report about it.