Kitenge African Fabric - A-Z Imani Cosmetics

Shop 22, Victoria Road, Mowbray, Cape Town. Contact: +27 71 972 3075

Shop 22, Victoria Road, Mowbray, Cape Town.  Contact: +27 71 972 3075

 The dress code of a person is one of the things that define their personality as well as who and where  their roots are. When it comes to going back to those roots, itenge African Fabric has scored the highest points.

A-Z Imani Cosmetics has a collection of the Kitenge African Fabric at very good prices. The facbric comes in a variety of clours, texture as well as prints, which gives it the uniqueness and the richness to define the true personality of the individual.

 The best part of shopping at A-Z Imani Cosmetics is that one gets to gather the rest of the accessory collection that has to acompany that particular item. These accessories include your hair being done and many more.

Check them out and your trip will be worth it!