Larefferance Barber Shop

Shop 24, Victoria Road, Mowbray, Cape Town. Contact: +27 83 986 9065

Shop 24, Victoria Road, Mowbray, Cape Town. Contact: +27 83 986 9065

Larefferance Barber Shop situated in Cape Town, has the best qualified hair barers in town. Focussing on only the gent's hair cuts, the barber shop gets the job done and squeezed in those few minutes you sneak out of the duty calls, prending to have gone to the toilet.

The tools used for the cutting and shaving are kept steralized at all times to ensure hygene and cleanliness around the Larefferance Barber Shop.

The care and attention given to gents resembles that of a brotherhood and due to that TLC, the barber shop keeps their clients coming back from a distance just to reap the extra enefits of the reasonable prices they pay for the hair cuts.

The interior dezign at the Larefferance Barber Shop is detailed with a strong masculine touch, bringing out the relaxing vibes that make gents feel stress free. The place is exremely noise free while the barbers are exrcising their talents, giving clients that feel at home sense of welcome.

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Larefferance Barbers are always on time and convenient, ready to receive all calls regarding their specialty which is being there for their clientelle. A strong relationship is created between customer and barber just to ensure that whenever a client shows up, the same particular barber who does the job on a regular basis, is the same one without any surprises whatsoever. For more info:

Visit: Shop 24, Victoria Road, Mowbray, Cape Town.

Contact: +27 83 986 9065