Women's Political Corner

Women's Political Corner

Political Corner For Women



This is a women’s political corner that gives women updates regarding political views as well updates on what is taking place around them socially. The reason for this page is basically to encourage South African women to get involved in the political affairs in a positive and productive way, in order to take their country to a better South Africa.

Women are the same mothers who produce and nurture out leaders and groom them into becoming great men and women in power for the conducting and guiding of the society. Therefore women have the same responsibility to get involved in the shaping of the leadership, not only being a part of the mother’s union or any other basic associations in the community, but to be a part of any leadership including presidential.

Women are now recognizing their rights as being equal with men, which took them centuries to fight for. Women should know that they too can become whatever that they dream of and by playing a part in the political affairs, decisions are made basing on gender equality, hospitality, morals and values as well as staying reminded of who we are and where we come from.


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