President Cyril Ramaposa

President Cyril Ramaposa

Mr. Cyril Ramaposa

It is highly our pleasure to welcome the new South African President Cyril Ramaposa as our next president. No doubt he is truly going to take the country to the next heights and because all leaders are appointed by God, there is no doubt that the choice that South Africans have made will have no regrets thereafter.

There are no regrets having former President Jacob Zuma as our president because there are several developments that he has achieved during his power, though the negative seems to outweigh the positive according to the majority.

It is indeed true that South Africa has come a long way within just a short period of time since the country got liberated. Though the country still has a long way to go in terms of uniting everyone which from where I stand, it is indeed promising. Different races have already begun protesting together and stand as one without any discrimination and to me this is a very positive sign that the country is safe and we truly are living in harmony with one another.

We all look forward to what our next in power has to offer and let us all come together and give our support as a nation. It is indeed simple to criticize and point fingers but the question is what are you contributing towards the movement as the society? We are the government and therefore let us put hands together because one stick breaks easily but a bunch of sticks are extremely difficult to break.

Welcome President Cyril Ramaposa.

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