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Human Rights-Women Abuse

Human Rights

When I say human right, I mean the women’s rights in specific. May be these rights that women have discovered have pushed their men to the edge where men are put in a cage by their women, being abused in return more like a payback time for the women. No doubt women now have full rights to speak out and to reach all places that they were not allowed to in those days. But could this be one of the reasons why men are driven away even abandoning their own flesh and blood? It is a good thing to recognize your rights but sometimes if not careful, that freedom can easily be taken for granted, ending up losing everything that matters just because you were untouchable while exercising the rights.

I am not condoning the control over women and that they shouldn’t have learned that they had rights also, but if you take a look at the past decades compared to today, the rate of single mothers has grown drastically. This could be as well due to men feeling powerless in relationships and when they feel provoked by their women, instead of committing crime by physically assaulting them, they choose to step back and stay away. Do you see how the same rights have caused the woman to remain with her children single handed to raise them by herself?

Women have rights and this is a very good achievement after a long struggle of women trying to break away from that cage, but we need our men back into their rightful places without exercising abuse over their women. Children need their male figures in their lives because a mother can provide and raise a child but there are things that only a male figure is capable of installing in a child. Every woman needs a man in her life and it is high time women lower their standards and let men in not to be abused again, but find a way to make it work for the sake of the children involved.