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Custom And Tradition-Women Abuse

Tradition And Custom

It is very good that we actually our customs and tradition otherwise we would have ended up with no morals and values as human beings. Though, at times it comes to a stage where we are being controlled by these beliefs that are actually rules set by elders just to keep their subjects in line with what pleases them. Should we say that the tradition is kind of controlling in some way? Absolutely not. My point is that people as human being and their greed of power, get carried away with the need to have power over somebody else and by this they use these traditional rules as a platform to exercise their oppression.

Many rules and regulations of culture and tradition have been slowly abolished as time had gone by. Women have discovered that they too are a very important part of humanity and that they have been kept away and deprived of their rights to achieve their dreams later on even having any. In the ancient days, women were never allowed to be educated or even be employed in professional sectors but work in farms and take care of the household.

In the name of custom and tradition, many men until this day find it difficult to make peace with the fact that a woman can rule over them later on earn much more than they do. Could culture be compromising their values to an extent of allowing a woman o marry more than one husband? That simply means that rules are made by men and that they can simply be broken as it pleases the elders of the subjects.