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Women Abuse

Damaged Man-Women Abuse

Damaged Man

A man who is psychologically damaged is always bound to hurt those around him, be it his parents, children, wife, colleagues and also anyone on the streets out there. All criminals out there that go around committing crime and angry at the world, will all tell you the same thing, that their father left while they were still kids and so on and so forth.

How on earth should a woman know that the man she is falling in love with is a damaged man and that should she go ahead with the advances with him, her life could be in real danger? Women are always blinded by all these love butterflies and because they are desperate for a “man”, usually end up grabbing anything that puts on an appearance of a gentle man. The signs are always there from the get go but because a woman turns a blind eye, they tend to choose not to look at the negative side of her date.

A damaged man can hide who he is for a long time and this could even be up to five years in a relationship, depending on how the woman chooses to think that the man might change and that it is not who he used to be when they met. It is not because the man has changed for the worse, but it is because his true colors are now revealing themselves.