Woman A Treasure


Women Abuse

Women Abuse

For centuries it has been a common practice for men to exercise women abuse even though in their eyes they did it subconsciously, claiming it to be a part of their culture or tradition. On the other hand some women have and may be are still being abused by psychopaths who are obsessed as well as damaged right from their background. Whichever way that tend to be women abuse, is and will always remain unacceptable in the society and therefore shouldn’t go unpunished.

Should we say some women open up doors or even compromise themselves to this kind of treatment? I suppose that also plays a role but still, there has to be some kind of ways to realize that a woman is vulnerable and that she would give in to any kind of abuse, but because the man is gentle enough not to abuse a woman, she tends to survive from becoming a victim.

Women are always emotional especially when they are hurt or going through a rough patch, they tend not to think straight and this is when the vampires or abusive culprits get them into their traps. The only way for a woman to escape abuse from whether a man, boss, landlord, family of even an organization, is to realize who she is and what is worth. Not knowing her identity is what usually has got women into being in abusive situations where they even find themselves committing suicide because it is the only way out.