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Fight For Rights

Should a woman fight for her rights against these in laws who won’t allow her to enjoy her marriage or should she just find ways to abide with the rules and regulations of the husband’s family? I strongly believe that this is the man’s responsibility, to make sure that he makes his family understand that this is his wife and that she comes first and that his parents and siblings come later.

It is usually very difficult for a woman to fight for a man who is so attached to his family especially the mother. It mainly depends on how the son was raised by his parents, meaning if he was raised a mummy’s boy spoilt brat, he would never find a way to break away from his family and have his whole focus on his woman. How do you fight for a man that won’t let go of his mother? That is a lose battle.

A woman is required to grow a nerve in order to stand and show them in laws exactly what she is here for. Family in laws always takes advantage when they realize that the woman that their son married comes from an uneducated, middle class, unprivileged background or family and this usually gives them a platform to exercise their wickedness towards the daughter in law. Women should enter a marriage well prepared and know that there is a battle to fight, or else her position can easily be replaced by the in laws’ favorite woman of their choice to marry their son.