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Proving Yourself

This pressure that is usually enforced onto the married woman by the in laws, creates this character in a woman that she ends up always trying to please the husband’s family at all costs. I think the beef that the mother in law has with a daughter in law is personal in a way that it is not actually about this particular daughter in law, but any woman that tries to steal her son ‘s heart away from his own mother.

A mother in law would make the daughter in law feel as if she is the one who is not fit to be a wife to her son. A mother in is always a person that a woman has to be in good books with, or else she is likely to make the daughter in law’s life a living hell. The woman never has any say when it comes to her husband’s mother due to the connection the husband has with his own mother.

In order to win a man’s heart, win over his mother and when he sees both the most important women in his life getting along; his focus is steady on his home without looking outside. Is it true that a man is caught in the middle of the mother and wife usually is driven crazy? Trying to prove yourself to a mother in law is a full time job and the only way to win her is to let her son son give and give and give all his money whenever she asks. I think a happy mother in law is the one who knows her son’s bank pin number!