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In laws can really get so heartless when it comes to giving an in law woman attitude. I believe there should be laws created to protect daughters in law from vultures that try to grab everything that this woman has worked for together with her husband. In law family can get nasty especially when a woman’s husband dies, claiming that the property as well as the money should belong to his family, siblings and parents.

This whole dowry price should actually be abolished by this modern world. The family in law will always interpret a woman as a commodity that they had to carry out negotiations in order to buy her over to this new family. I am not against the culture and tradition but there are many beliefs that caused women to be kept in bondage during those centuries. Grabbing a young girl while she goes down to a river to fetch water and against her will, she is forced into becoming somebody’s wife which is total madness.

A woman when she marries into a family, she has to be recognized as an equal individual to the husband she is married to. No wander nowadays women refuse to enter any kind of marriage agreement and to be subject to any family. Women today are completely independent that some even have invented this practice of paying a bride groom price over their men before they become their husbands. Women have indeed had enough of being treated like donkeys by their in laws.