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In Law Woman

In Law Woman

A woman is always bound to be a mother in law to someone or to be a daughter in law to a mother in law. Many women hate the thought of having in laws most especially a mother in law. These are two women who are having this man as a common denominator and with the care that they both have for him, they put him in a difficult position whereby he fails to choose the favorite.

A woman who is capable to be an on law is able to stand against any pressure put on to her especially when it involves issues like not being able to conceive. Basically to be an in law is a full time ministry on its own and this is because of the expectations after the dowry which is usually paid over her head. Many people culturally see a dowry as a payment that the man’s family pays in order to take full control over the woman. Could this be the main cause that men end up turning women into possessions, treating them as they please simply because they were given ownership by the women’s family?

An in law is expected to be respectful towards the in law family , though this should be out of the love that she has for her husband, at the same time the respect that she receives from the husband’s family. Every woman is capable of being a good daughter in law as long there are no high expectations regarding having to be a kept wife, going against her wishes in the marriage.