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Drawing a Line

It is extremely difficult to be able for a woman to maintain the professional and the domestic life at the same time, but when sh is well equipped and prepared for it, she can find herself being the happiest woman that reaps form both worlds. Drawing a line is always a very important factor when it comes to a career woman who chooses to keep both professional and domestic at the same time.

When children need their mother to attend school activities or help with the home work, could she in a position to be available or would she be swamped up replying to emails from home? Professional work should be left at work, coming back home ready to face the life number two since it is a woman’s choice to maintain both worlds at the same time.

Women are very good at multitasking unlike men who have to focus on reading a book while the television’s volume is turned to the lowest. A woman is able to update the husband with what happened to her the whole day, changing the baby’s dipper, answering the phone call and watching her favorite soppy at the same time. Isn’t that a skill? If there is anybody who can manage to draw a line between the professional and the domestic world, it is a woman because she is designed for that and it is already installed in her from childhood.