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A provider woman could be providing her home and family due to a few reasons and some of them are simply due to the fact that after growing wings, she managed to get rid of the men in her life. Ok, let’s not be so hard women for now. Most women are providers in their homes because of their men’s stupidity and making irresponsible choices that end up putting their women in such situations whereby they have to put food on the table.

A woman is left with no choice when a man decides to have habits that not only take him down but his entire household with. A man would claim that he is an alcoholic because of the wife’s behavior and that is the reason why he gambles all his money away. I do sometimes believe men when they claim that women do not appreciate and they never get satisfied with whatever that a man provides. Though, when a man starts to hide updates from his wife regarding finances, the woman starts getting assumptions of the husband channeling the money to other directions that could be selfish.

Men should learn to understand that it is ok for a woman to also be a bread winner provided there is communication and the burden is not only left to the woman, while the man is squandering his income on unproductive habits. Some women though do provide by choice. Some men would love their wives to domestically take care of the household while they professionally provide. Women on the other hand see this as a way of controlling them, stopping them from developing and improving professionally. Some men have their beliefs of treating their women like queens, depending on their background on how they were raised to treasure women. Again I repeat this, communication is the key to a healthy relationship.