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Business Oriented Woman

A woman who is business oriented actually tends to intimidate the man’s ego. Men always have this idea of earning more than the woman and that a woman should have just enough to maintain her basics in life and to go by. It becomes indeed a threat when a woman earn much more than her husband because according to him she would look down on him, taking control of the whole household leaving him with no say.

Women these days have stepped out of that poor mentality box where they were kept as dependants on their men, begging for pennies in order to meet their personal needs.  Could this be the main reason why men choose to walk away because they feel like there is no need for them to stick around? Men always want to be in control of their women and keeping her in need of him at all times has a way to boost his ego, feeling the king, needed at all times.

A woman who is business oriented usually struggles to keep her personal domestic life in shape and this is because her standards are too high for men to meet.  A woman who has and can afford anything in life is very difficult to be tamed by a man, later on the whole world. Every woman needs to have a domestic life, have a husband, children as well as being able to get along as well as possible with her own family. I believe that is where she gets to receive her focus in order to draw positive energy to also maintain her professional life.