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In marriage there are always ups and downs and when these challenges come across, what are the best ways to handle the situation? Be ready at all times. It is foolish to get carried away and enjoy the first moments in a marriage and forget the phase that actually grows the marriage stronger. Rocks will always be thrown into your way but it is entirely up to you to whether build a wall in front of you or a bridge and use it to cross over to the other side.

Separation is actually a very important phase in marriage as long as it is used to the advantage of the growth of your marriage. Have you ever broken up with someone then after a while you start missing them so desperately, realizing that it was actually a wrong idea to separate? Giving each other space is usually a way to let each one take a breath and avoid saying things that they wouldn’t be able to take back. When a couple gets back together after a separation, their love for each other usually becomes even stronger, realizing how important this person is in their life.

When a separation is indefinite or final, I would advice taking at least a year before jumping into another commitment. Many people take very long to move on after separating with the person they have been with for a long time, finding themselves in new relationships trying to rebound, meanwhile consoling themselves of the real one. What do you do when you don’t love the new relationship but still holding onto the previous one? Keep yourself occupied by either a job, studies, getting a new hobby, shave your hair (lol) or change location. Do whatever it takes to heal first before making someone else pay fron how the previous one treated you in the marriage.

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