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Bedroom Affairs-Wife Material

Married couples usually have a way of hiding whatever that goes on in their bedrooms but do they really forget that people can easily read body language when in public? It is very easy to tell when a couple is in honeymoon, when they are having a fight, when one is obsessed with the other, when one is a gold digger and all other assumptions as people may have.

When it comes to bedroom affairs, it is very important for a woman to be a friend in the lounge, wife in the kitchen, nurse in the bathroom and a bitch/slut in the bedroom. Men always like excitement and these entire things that they watch in movies or see in magazines, have the dream of living them in real life. Men are like teenagers who keep memorizing what they saw in their minds, which makes them meditate on the information, eventually by feeding their minds continuously; they find themselves obsessed to do exactly that.

Women ask this question that why a man wouldn’t say if he wants thing to be spiced up a bit. Men would want to ask but the problem is that the woman turns it into an argument, asking from who did he get these ideas and assuming it could be from what other women might have showed him outside. Communication is very important when it comes to bedroom affairs. Telling each other what styles they desire and also what turns them or off during sexual intercourse. When you are quite attentive, it is very easy to tell whether your partner is happy during intimacy or not and this is where communication has to step in and tell each other what pleases you.