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Marriage life is not simple and is simple at the same time. It is very important for couple to understand their differences and accept to agree to disagree. These are two people who met when adults, brought up from different backgrounds and coming from different culture sometimes. It takes hard work to learn and understand what each one wants in order to make this marriage work. Many people enter marriage with totally wrong reasons and expectations and when things don’t happen the way they thought, the end up feeling used and abused.

Marriage has no formula. It is ok to listen to other couples’ methods and ways of how to maintain marriage but what works for one is likely not to work for the other. People are totally different, love different things, have different hobbies and have experienced life in a different way as well as responding to it. Character develops during perseverance while in situations. These characters usually view life in a different manner and how they programmed themselves to deal with life, is exactly how they a likely to express themselves in every aspect of life, including marriage.

Marriage is an easy lifestyle should the two individuals be on the same page which actually can easily take even five to ten years. Most couple get to finally learn to live with each despite their behavior only after several anniversaries. This could be because they have already been through challenges, separations and gone through situations the hardest way regarding marriage. To death do us part is indeed a serious life making decision.


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