Woman A Treasure


Wife Material

A woman who is a wife material has it all written on her face. Like I mentioned in the earlier chapters, every woman has the dream to be someone’s wife, have a few kids and grow old in their marriage happily with their husbands. The question is where should men find that wife material should they be ready for one. Many people have this perception or belief that a woman who is capable of being a good wife cannot be found in places like a bar, club, standing on the street at night in short miniskirts and so on and so forth.

Never judge a book by its cover and by that a I mean a woman who is a wife material can be found anywhere and in any place. I have seen couples that meet at crazy places and yet their relationship grows in a short while end up getting married without even any major issues. There are always issues in a marriage but the way a couple chooses to approach it is what is important.

Today people see marriage as a contract and think that one should be able to walk away with something as a compensation for the years wasted. In my opinion this is not love because real love never separates in the first place. A love marriage always enters into agreement having no expectations of any kind and by that, couple will never get surprised should anything comes up which might not be pleasant at present.