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Single Parent

It is indeed tough to raise a child as a single parent. A woman has to play all the roles in the child’s life starting from being the mother, father, nanny, provider, trainer, teacher helping homework, attending the child’s activities and well as being a disciplinarian. What kind of a woman takes on all of those duties in the child’s life single handedly? Men need to know that it is so unfair on mothers raising their children while they are out there living their lives as they desire with whoever they wish.

Do you blame the mother for whatever the child turns out to be in the absence of the mother? A single mother has to get up very early to prepare the child for school, drop them off then head to work, check up on them after school with phone calls, rush in the evening home to prepare dinner. Children’s home work has to be helped, prepare the necessities for their next day before she goes to bed and not to mentions having to report at school when the principle needs to see the parent.

I urge fathers to drop their nonsense and come back home to their children because it is extremely tough on these single mothers. Come that moment when the child is graduating, then the father rocks up from nowhere and shows off how he has a child who has made it to the top. Men, grow up and take on your responsibilities as a man, father, husband and a provider.