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Baby Daddy-Mother Woman

A baby daddy is supposed to be the man who a woman had a child with and disappeared, leaving the child with the mother to do all the raising and parenting on her own. Men usually come up with excuses that it was the woman that drove them away or even they weren’t sure whether the baby was really theirs. Where exactly is the source of the problem where men abandon their own flesh and blood?

Men who run away from responsibility are always the ones who were raised by single parents. A child that grows up with a step parent in the picture, will always find it a normal thing to do since himself grew up in such conditions and nothing by all means happened to him. Shouldn’t men have learned from their growing experience how that feels to grow without both parents together? Most men instead of taking their negative mess and turn it into a positive message, chose to build anger toward the long gone parent, turning bitter without realizing then end up hurting others because they are hurt themselves.

No matter how a woman resents a man, after having a child with him there is no turning back because a baby daddy will always be in the picture due to the fact that he left lose ends behind (a kid).