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Mother Woman

Giving Birth-Mother Woman

A mother conceives and delivers the child in to this new world where the child exists physically. On the other hand, a child doesn’t actually belong to the mother but to the society. Mothers need to know that it is not advisable to get attached to their children as they usually assume it should be.

Children are entrusted by the creator to a mother for the nursing, nurturing, raise and install the correct information for the child’s well being when grown to a full grown age. The child grows up to face the world, unites with a spouse and leaves the mother because her duty has come to an end. Mothers wouldn’t want to hear this but it is very unwise to neglect the husband who would grow old with her, and get attached to children who grow up and leave to go and live their lives.

Many mothers have pushed their husbands even to death and put their children first in all that they do. The husband goes out of the picture leaving a mother with her children; they grow up so spoilt, abandon their mothers in a senior old age home, take over the signatory rights and squander their pension funds carelessly. The mother dies so lonely and neglected with no family to care, just because she chose these children that came later over the spouse who she swore to be with through thick and thin and till death do they part.