Woman A Treasure


4-Mother Woman-Woman a Treasure

Without a mother a nation never have any future. Mothers are the ones who multiply humanity as well as raising a future generation that carries on a legacy. Mother woman has the power to bless or to curse and this is the main reason why a mother should be treated with respect should a child need her blessing in life.

Motherhood is found in many livelihoods from plants, animals and humans as we all know. The creation of the world itself derived from our creator’s administration, which is the head and the cabinet as it follows. No one knows how to take care of its own like a loving mother even though we find mothers who abandon their children for many reasons, but a mother’s love always remain unconditional.

A mother loves all her children the same despite their weakness which actually in most cases creates division among the siblings. A mother knows which child is strong or weak a,d with her mother love, will always go easy on the weak ones, while pushing harder on those that she knows are strong enough to handle it. Children will always view it as favoritism but the mother always does what’s best for her children despite what it might seem in other people’s eyes.