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Control Freak

Women tend to become paranoid and suspicious of what their partners could be catching up on, which is a normal feeling in a relationship, but how you approach it is what matters. A woman turns into a control freak when she feels threatened in her relationship and this feeling is what drives her to finding ways of how to stay on top of the game to avoid getting hurt. Attitude is the first sign of a control freak and usually when a man gets confused and fails to put his finger on what causes the problem, he shuts off and lets the woman take charge.

It is a good thing for a woman to be in control in a relationship as long as she is within her feminine perimeters, but this shouldn’t be a platform to crush the man’s ego. There is a good man’s ego and a bad one. The bad ego doesn’t apologize, humble, put others first and make choices that only favor them but others around, yet the good ego earns respect instead of demanding for it.

If you want a man who treats you like a queen, treat him like a king and he will be programmed to do exactly what he receives from you. I usually tell women not to focus on how the man treats them and they find me unreasonable. How a man treats you is non of your business and how you treat him is non of his. Your business is to focus on how you treat him and his is to focus on how he treats you and that way both parties will be responsible for how they treat each other. No one has rights to control anybody in a relationship or elsewhere for that matter but their own self.