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Women find themselves doing prostitution because of several reasons and some of them are mostly related to life survival. A woman has needs and at times she has mouths to feed not to mention children to raise. Prostitution is always their easiest way out because it is quick cash without having to struggle for long hours. A woman who has had a good relationship with everything going, in the end disappointment hits het and realizes how she has been wasting her time depending on a man for every little thing.

A woman who finds pleasure in prostitution is usually emotionally and psychologically hurt in life somewhere, whether childhood or in relationships. Rape, breakups, love of money, alcohol, pornography and many others can be factors that push a woman into engaging in prostitution lifestyle.  A woman is totally free to live her life whichever way it pleases her, which makes prostitution also her own business. Though when the motives behind the prostitution are harmful and life threatening to the individual as well as those around her, then is becomes a serious matter and alarming.

Prostitution addicts usually brings along a chain of behavior like alcohol, drugs, smoking, pornography, strong language and lack of respect towards their own children as well as family. Since such women are already altered psychologically, it becomes normal for them to be who they are in public and this is when such behavior becomes harmful and sensitive to children and those around. A woman who practices prostitution should live her life freely but privately, keeping it away from the presence of under aged as well as those who might get offended.