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Single Woman

Many women today are single by choice even though some have found themselves in this status due to being rejected by men and many other reasons. It is a good thing to be single especially if there is a project that you are busy working on; like building a career, studying and also if the age is still not matured to take on emotional stress concerning relationships. When a woman is not mature enough to draw a line between personal and social life, she is likely to fall apart and lose both.

Being single is not only about being alone without having anyone by your side, but it is being a full package ready to share your personal life with someone else. When two people come together and decide to make a relationship work, it should be about bringing your baggage together to find solutions and help each other carry it. Relationship should be two independent, emotionally strong, well equipped in life and having put their past behind and dealt with it type of people. When the two come together with all the strong and positive elements, they are likely to stand strong in their relationship without being shaken by any obstacle because it will always get tough at times.