Woman A Treasure


3-Relationship Woman

What and how does a relationship woman look like and what are the qualities of one? I do believe that every woman can be a relationship material as long as she finds a man who is willing to take her as she is. Basically every woman’s dream is to have a man of her dreams, get married some day and live that fairytale lifestyle. It is usually the experience a woman undergoes that trains her to become independent and learn not to depend on any man.

When a relationship gets sour, it is usually the woman who gets more emotionally damaged than the man. Women get more attached in relationships and they get intimate which makes it tough for them to move on easily unlike men. Most men see relationships as a play ground kind of fun thing and this tends to be hurtful to women because women usually are concerned about the future of the relationship than the present. In relationships, men live in the NOW while women live in the FUTURE.