Woman A Treasure

Identity Woman

Positive Pride

When a woman knows who she is, there is this positive pride that comes along with the identity. There is a negative pride that leads to unforgiveness, competition, Jealousy, always right and know it all, not open to learning and also non apologetic. This kind of pride usually leads to one’s downfall and with all the fake achievements in life; they always end up a laughing stalk.

Positive pride on the other hand is carrying you with dignity, love, peace and many other qualities that demonstrate everything that everyone dreams to be. Positive pride is ashamed but not in timidity, it takes responsibility even when it’s not their fault, it treats everyone fairly despite their background, it doesn’t make selfish choices and it also doesn’t expect anything from anyone. These are mostly values of royalty in one way or another and that is why the two, pride and royalty go hand in hand. Every single person is a king, a queen, a princess and a prince in their own category and to practice the royalty in you, has to have the positive pride qualities.