Woman A Treasure

Identity Woman

Settle For Less

Is it true that some women actually compromise themselves and settle for less in most aspects of their lives? Lack of having any idea who and what your purpose is will always make you believe that you are good for nothing. A woman will even end up selling her soul just to earn a living in order to survive and even put food on the table in order to raise the little ones. I absolutely don’t condone any of the outcome behavior but at the same time, most women do whatever it takes and some of these decisions have a good motive behind them.

People usually take advantage of this character of a woman be it from men and even bosses. Exploitation at the work places is usually inevitable due to the fact that a woman cannot stand up to such instructions like doing jobs that are not part of her job description. Underpayment will also be allowed by a woman who settles for less just because to her she is worth anything that comes to the table, bringing us back to not knowing her identity.