Conceiving is mostly every woman's wish especially if they are truly in love with the man they are in a relationship with. Some women choose to conceive because of the desire to hold a baby of their own, maybe due to the peer pressure around her.

Miscarriage is something that breaks every mother's heart and the scars left behind, no other pregnancy can heal them. a miscarriage usually happens due to several causes starting from health, stress, infertility, obesity, etc. Some of the reason that causes a miscarriage is having several abortions especially carried out from an unprofessional environment.

Abortions could easily leave side effects on the mother and this includes damage to her womb. When an embryo is being aborted, it is ripped off the womb walls aggressively which leads to the womb failing to hold an embryo tight as normal in future. This damage causes the mother to start having miscarriage whenever she carries later embryos.

Contraceptives also have side effects. What contraceptives do is cause an uncomfortable environment around the spot where the egg sticks after being fertilized in order for it to proceed with growth. This contraceptive process could also lead to damaging the womb in a similar manner as the abortion.