In the 18th century abortion was a taboo and it was considered pre meditated murder. Women never used contraceptives nor any birth control methods and they conceived all the children inside their wombs and delivered them full term natural birth.

Even though terminating pregnancy seems as a normal practice today, this doesn't rule out the fact that it is an act of committing murder to the unborn infant.  It is within the mother's rights of what to do with her body, but the innocent infant in the womb is being robbed of their rights as human beings that are still in the developing process.

The advantage of abortion is that bringing an unwanted new born into an unprivileged environment is indeed unfair. Should the child fail to get what is necessary to raise them, they agree easily bound to turn into criminals. When the population is very high for the government to sustain, it is also more burdens when new born are delivered here and there with no family planning.

On the other hand, abortion can be very dangerous to the mother herself health wise because should she be less careful the process could easily cost her life. Abortion could easily leave side effects on the mother and this includes damage to her womb. When an embryo is being aborted, it is ripped off the womb walls aggressively which leads to the womb failing to hold an embryo tight as normal in future. This damage causes the mother to start having miscarriage whenever she carries later embryos.

Abortion might have been acceptable today but there are several damages caused not to mention defect babies and premature. Contraceptives also have side effects. What contraceptives do is cause an uncomfortable environment around the spot where the egg sticks after being fertilized in order for it to proceed with growth. This contraceptive process could also lead to damaging the womb in a similar manner as the abortion.

To avoid all these complications due to all these abortion and contraceptive methods, i would advice mothers to opt for condoms. Good quality condoms and not these that are being given away freely in public toilets, would be a very clean and healthy method from unwanted pregnancy as well as infections. Throwing sperm away isn't murder but after that sperm cell is fertilized with the female's egg, it is a being destroyed.