Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking-Crime

Human Traffic

This world we live in is a world that has become greedy and desperate to do whatever it takes no matter whom gets hurt in the process. Both the offender and the victim fall in the desperate category whereby the offender finds himself in a heartless cold behavior due to the conditions of life around him.

The victim is usually desperate due to the same reasons but this time they are manipulated and seduced into the ideas of becoming who they've always wanted to. Trafficked Humans are mostly desperate for attention, love and to be noticed, which put them in a perfect target for the offenders to trap their prey.

Human trafficking is a serious matter and has mostly involved 80% women and half of them are children. These women are promised scholarships, becoming movie and music stars you name it. Being promised jobs and good life, they are talked into leaving their families and homes, finding themselves in strange places and countries.

The human trafficking victims are the exposed to sex slavery, drugs, prostitution and more. Slavery didn't only exist in the 1800s but it is still enforced on humans after falsely accepting deals.

Let us be very careful when it comes to the things we are so passionate about because desperacy can easily lead you into situations that could permanently damage your soul psychologically.